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Your Home in a Hug!

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My mission is to support, enlighten, balance and harmonize your soul and home!


  • Did you know that we spend 80% of our time in our homes?
  • When you walk into a home that has good Feng Shui, it feels like the home is giving us a big hug! A home with good Feng Shui feels in balance. Life flows smoother, easier and brings us more peace.
  • We had a dinner party in our ‘Feng Shui’ house recently and some of our guests commented ‘Wow, your house feels really homely and light’. This made my heart sing!
  • ‘Feng’ means ‘wind’ and ‘Shui’ means ‘water’. In Chinese culture, gentle wind and clear water have always been associated with good harvest and good health. ‘Good Feng Shui’ means good livelihood and fortune, while ‘Bad Feng Shui’ refers to hardship and misfortune.


”Originally trained as an Architectural Technician I see the world differently to most people. I love houses, I love homes, I love happy homes! I love how using the practice of Feng Shui can bring so much peace, joy and success to your life!”


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Thank you for YOU!