Meet Fiona

Meet Fiona

The quickest way to get out of your head and into creation is to ask questions! It does not mean you don’t know, quite the opposite occurs it opens up a whole different world of possibilities.

Melanie Meade and Fiona Holden talk about being willing to ask a question and take an action and find your way with ease, joy and glory!

Joy of Business radio show (aired Monday 25th November 2019)


My name is Fiona Holden,

I love nature, harmony and healing! I have 3 gorgeous fun loving dogs. I love simplicity and always believed something amazingly different was possible.

When you truly ask for change, things will change! Something amazingly different is possible for you. What if today could be the beginning of something different? What if your life could be more enjoyable again? Have you been looking for something different?

I am an explorer of possibilites, harmony and balance! Over the last 15 (plus!) years I have trained in the following modalities – Kinesiology, Brain Gym, Postural Reflexes, Integrated Energy Therapy, Quantum Healing, Abundance Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting, Access Bars, Body Processes, Energetic Facelift and Symphony of Possibilities.

Always looking for more ease in my life. I have ease in my life. I have energy, joy and peace in my life. I have tools that I use daily so that I can be Me and have fun!

My life before the adventures looked very different – constant mind chatter, body aches and pains, asthma, back and neck issues, low energy, waking up tired, overweight, low confidence, introvert and shy……..burnout…

Today and everyday I have access to a toolkit of easy to use techniques and tools that nurture and create ease and joy in my life. I do have some crap days still – however they don’t spiral into something deeper that before would have lasted for days!

I offer to you through 1-1 sessions and workshops the possibility of choice and I invite you to consider a different possibility. I love sharing the tools and techniques I have learned over the years.

Take an Access Bars class, Access Energetic Facelift class or book a 1-1 session. Generate the life you truly desire. More tailor-made workshops are in the pipeline for 2019. Feeling excited…..

‘The first time I got my bars run was in Galway September 2013. I had an interview the following day and I will be honest – I really wanted the job and was jittery and nervous. During the Bars session I became totally relaxed and all the mind chatter about the interview just disappeared. I rocked up to the interview relaxed and it was more like a conversation with a close friend than an ‘interview’
I got the job (happy) and have continued to get my Bars run ever since. Why? It brings more ease to every aspect of my life.’

Have you had your Bars run yet?

Through one-to-one consultations and inspirational workshops Fiona Holden offers a transformational combination of de-stressing and empowering tools that will allow your body to process and receive the changes you are choosing with ease.

Background Information

Fiona Holden is an Access Bars & Wellbeing Facilitator based in East Cork. Her sole purpose is to facilitate people from problems to possibilities to create harmony and the life they truly desire. Everything is a choice and each new day is a possibility to choose different.

Originally trained as an Architectural Technician Fiona sees the world differently to most people. When you choose to create with her she is a simplicity seeking missile that goes to the fastest, easiest solution that can work. She cuts through everything that isn’t relevant.

Life can be fun and ease……its just a choice! Are you willing to choose for you?