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Fiona Holden – Intuitive Business Strategist

‘Solving your business challenges simply’

Have you ever wished that your business challenges could be simpler to resolve?
Do you have ideas you wish would build momentum faster?
Or do you wish that you could create greater growth in your business empire with a lot more ease?

As an intuitive business strategist, it’s my pleasure (and natural talent) to make your wishes come true! How did I get to become your most ?? secret weapon for turning dreams into reality? You may well ask!!

My capacity to design and conceptualise unexpectedly simple strategies first became obvious when I excelled in technical drawing classes which I took for five years by choice. I later became an architectural technician, I could look at the end result and know exactly how it was put together, without thinking about it. I simply knew.

The gift of knowing is like a spherical awareness of both the real world and the realities we are yet to create. I see the world differently to most people. And I see your business differently to everyone in it. Not just because I’m an outsider, because I connect with the elements that make up your business.

I am a business communicator. Business and I have a truly special connection that goes beyond words.

What does this mean for you? When you create with me, I bring this secret weapon I call my intuitive awareness to the forefront. You tell me what’s going on (or not going on!) in your business, and I receive an instant awareness from the businesses perspective on what exactly needs to change.

Here’s where it gets funny. You are usually looking for the most complicated, lengthy and large solutions. I am a simplicity seeking missile that goes to the fastest, easiest solution that can work. I cut through everything that isn’t relevant. I make your business fun again. When you implement the simple strategies I suggest, you get to enjoy your business or work environment once more, because there is flow, success and expansion.

What else would you like to know?

How long have I been doing this? All my life! I didn’t realise everyone couldn’t do it! I didn’t get why people were blind to what I thought was obvious. A couple of years ago I recognised this as a superpower!

What happens when you create with me?

  • You save a lot of time because my strategies are designed to get results fast.
    · You have more harmony in your workplace because we get straight to what the issue is. It’s not guesswork. Your business has patterns just like those technical drawings and I see them clearly.
    · You discover what’s hidden under the surface that will cause issues in the future and you get to change it before there’s a problem!
    · You move out of wishful thinking and into changes that work. This approach offers minimum change for maximum results.

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I came to Fiona with a mish-mash of ideas for creating and growing my Creativity Lab empire. Fiona showed me one choice that would allow everything I was asking for to flow with ease. It started to change while we were doing the session and during the session one of my ‘new’ ideal clients showed up. Magic!!

The simple shift in energy immediately started the new creation process. By the end of the session, I had a simple strategy for daily action, a totally new insight into one of my talents that I’d forgotten about and a willingness to create beyond the time other people had predicted my dreams would take.

The session was truly brilliant and Fiona firmly lead me towards what would work, stopping me from distracting myself with the stuff that wasn’t relevant to creating the change I was asking for.

I’m hugely grateful! And I wonder what’s next?

Lisa Murray, Creation Catalyst – Creativity Lab & Business Alchemy Lab (Noosa, Australia)